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Three Ways Mobile Research Nursing is Transforming the Clinical Trial Experience

Following the emergence of the novel coronavirus, more than 1000 clinical trials for non-COVID-19 indications were delayed, put on hold, or even postponed outright. In a Medidata survey conducted in April 2020, nearly 70% of investigative site personnel indicated that COVID-19 affected their ability to conduct ongoing studies and 78% believed that the pandemic impacted their ability to initiate new trials.

And yet, according to a report released by Greenphire in October 2020, patient enrollment for global clinical trials has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels.3 The remarkable recovery in clinical trial participation has been attributed, in part, to the use of technologies and other resources that promote flexibility in how study visits are conducted.

In this shift toward decentralized or hybrid trials, mobile research nurses have been instrumental in keeping studies moving forward and minimizing patient dropout.

Read this article from the Journal for Clinical Studies for more on how mobile research nurses are impacting the clinical trial experience.

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