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WEBINAR | 2024 Health Trends: The Reinvention of Life Science

The future of healthcare is here, and it has technology at the forefront - and humans at the center - of the biopharmaceutical industry

Catch the replay of this 2024 Health Trends virtual panel. Syneos Health experts discuss the collective impact AI is anticipated to have on us as industry practitioners, and ultimately the patients we serve. Learn how to action on these Trends for business planning with tangible exercises and exciting new tools for you and your team.

Host: Celeste Mosby, SVP, General Manager, Learning Solutions

Bob Zambon, PhD | VP, Technology Strategy & Strategic Partnerships

Keri McDonough | VP, Medical & Scientific Strategy
Patient-Powered Medicine

Ray Huml,  MS, DVM, RAC | VP, Medical & Scientific Management
Head of Rare Disease Consortium

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