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WEBINAR: Funding and Licensing in Asia-Pacific

The biopharmaceutical industry is rapidly expanding all over the world. Traditional markets such as the United States and Europe continue to lead much of the industry, but it is becoming impossible to ignore the explosive growth in the Asia and Pacific (APAC) region, driven largely by countries like China, India and Japan. In Chinese biotech alone, for example, the first half of 2020 saw 95 biotech deals, worth $12 billion: an unprecedented amount of activity.

These markets offer various unique advantages for investors: some have strong areas of expertise that are ripe for investment, such as animal health in Australia, while others offer unique opportunities like the accelerated regulatory environment in China. APAC has increasingly drawn interest from investors and multinationals, and is seen to be a significant source of innovation. There is no question that all eyes are on APAC as a potential opportunity for placing bets.

This webinar dissects the opportunities and challenges of funding and licensing for biopharma in APAC, and how biotech companies can take advantage of the favorable market conditions in this region to bring their innovations through development and to market – in APAC and around the world.

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