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WEBINAR | The Importance of Early Integrated Evidence Strategy for Cell & Gene Therapies


Integrated Evidence Strategy represents the next generation of clinical development and could be particularly important for companies developing cell and gene therapies (CGT). The complexities of CGT have introduced new uncertainties among stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. An Integrated Evidence Strategy can address evolving payer dynamics to ensure a successful product launch and lifecycle while also protecting companies from risk by proactively anticipating and meeting critical evidentiary needs in a timely manner. Through case studies and panel discussion, this webinar will illustrate the value of defining an Integrated Evidence Strategy early on in CGT development.

In this webinar you will:

1. EXAMINE the complexities of CGT development and inherent challenges of bringing a CGT  from bench to patient.

2. UNDERSTAND the unique and evolving payer landscape for CGT.

3. LEARN about the utility of Integrated Evidence Strategy to meet stakeholder needs and drive successful commercialization of CGT.

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