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WEBINAR: Partnering with Sites to Drive Adoption of Decentralized Clinical Trial Technologies

Focus on decentralizing clinical trials has taken a massive leap over the year of the pandemic. COVID-19 forced an accelerated use of telemedicine, home health options, and digital apps to keep studies running, but clinical teams often had to retrofit capabilities to trials as opposed to deliberately designing decentralized protocols.


Decisions made by sponsors and CROs directly affect sites’ ability to perform clinical trials. Partnering with sites, listening to their perspective, experience and knowledge of the patient journey can inform everything from decentralized protocol design to data capture and patient retention strategies, and influence decisions to ensure technologies and methodologies are patient centric - ultimately ensuring early, ongoing and enduring success.


In this webinar, experts discuss how implementing a Site Advocacy Group model can drive adoption of DCT technologies and methodologies, while new engagement and onboarding strategies can reduce redundancies to relieve burden on sites.

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