November 3, 2022

Whilst placebo effects can be a valuable adjunct in patient care, they can pose a significant threat to clinical trials, and their ability to provide clear, interpretable readouts. Particularly in randomized placebo-controlled trials for central nervous system conditions, high levels of placebo response can lead to failed studies, delayed or abandoned projects and increased costs. Trial sponsors, in addition to staying abreast of the latest science on placebo effects, must evaluate the most relevant mitigation strategies. Above all, they must select approaches that will improve signal detection and assay sensitivity to ensure studies are completed on time, within budget and with maximum opportunity for a successful outcome.

Watch this webinar for information on the available methods to mitigate the negative impact of the placebo response in clinical trials for therapies for diseases of the central nervous system. The featured speakers discuss the origin and nature of the placebo response, the advantages and limitations of approaches to address the placebo response in drug development and how complementary solutions offered by Syneos Health® Clinical Surveillance & Training (CST) team and Cognivia® may be used in concert to maximize the benefits to trials.

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