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What’s Really Holding Sales Reps Back?

How can life sciences companies empower their sales teams by aligning digital engagement strategies?

Many pharmaceutical companies have been slow to recognizing the increasing importance of digital omnichannel marketing. This delay has been especially challenging for sales teams who, three years ago, had to quickly change their strategies with little support, and who are still struggling to use the new tools that have been implemented so far. 

To better understand where companies can bridge the gaps along the sales continuum as they amp their omnichannel marketing strategies, Syneos Health interviewed 30 executives from 24 pharmaceutical companies and 298 field reps about what it’s like to be the boots on the ground in the post-COVID-19 world of pharmaceutical sales. 

Download this article and learn how our experts believe that by engaging in digital omnichannel marketing, life sciences companies are supporting the success of sales reps and healthcare providers alike. 

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