100% Dedicated to the Art and Science of CNS Drug Discovery

Central nervous system (CNS) diseases – depression, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, chronic and acute pain, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, rare diseases and many others – have the ability to disrupt lives in often profound ways. These diseases can be intractable and also uniquely perplexing because our understanding of neurobiology is still incomplete and the pathology of many CNS disorders is unknown.

With an approval rate for CNS therapies that is about half that for other drugs, the distinct challenges of CNS clinical research (e.g., measuring highly subjective endpoints, countering placebo effects, demonstrating clinically meaningful efficacy) need to be met with an uncommon blend of scientific depth and elegant problem-solving.


We thrive on the challenges of CNS clinical development.

No other area of medical research requires as much rigor and inventiveness. At Syneos Health:

  • We marry the rigorous science that serves as the foundation for any protocol or trial with the art of practical experience, inspiration and innovation to mount the best CNS trials in the business.
  • Then we combine that with the deep strategic thinking, operational excellence, risk management, and pragmatic solutions that only CNS-dedicated professionals make possible.


CNS Study Experience Summary by Therapeutic Area (2015-Today)

We bring you diverse and measurable experience across the full range of CNS therapies.







We dedicate nearly 1,600 Syneos Health personnel globally to CNS and CNS alone.

We have built the first and only fully dedicated CNS business unit in the CRO world, robustly resourced to support your success.  Every individual in our business unit, from executive management to our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) work only on CNS related trials.

CNS staff Globally

We’re with you at the cutting edge of CNS research, up close and personal.

At the core of our CNS clinical trial delivery model is the Customer Relations Executive (CRE), one of whom we embed in every project we run.  These individuals provide an intimate relationship for a sponsor so they will always have access to executive leadership.

Our CREs are unique in the industry. They are seasoned, CNS-experienced clinical leaders whose single task is to partner closely with you and ensure that what’s important to you is important to us, every step of the way. They bring to every project deep therapeutic knowledge, hands-on trial experience, financial understanding, strong leadership and partnering skills – and combine all of that with passion for your CNS science.

Customer Relationship Executive Model

With teams focused in each of these areas, as well as dedicated experts, we are structured to support CNS drug development whether your biopharmaceutical organization is large or newly emerging.


Our therapeutic expertise in CNS runs deep and wide.


Our unique service offering extends from Preclinical and Translational Science to Clinical Development, Regulatory and Commercialization capabilities. Every project we run is evaluated for our Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model (BAM) approach to ensure a sponsor has the most robust approach for development of their asset.


At Syneos Health, we believe that every clinical trial is an opportunity to shorten the distance from lab to life®.