Developing Relevant, Strategic Campaigns and Tactics

Clinicians have limited capacity and time to absorb new information, yet at the same time the clinical community manages to innovate continuously, and is known to actively seek out information that can help their patients. It comes down to competing priorities, and entrenched information seeking and learning behaviors. Medical communications helps customers to frame their product proposition in a way that clinicians will find relevant, and creates strategies, campaigns and tactics to help reach these stakeholders at the right time, with the right content.

Medical Communications Provides Support Across Four Main Areas

1. Strategic Planning

  • We create scientific platforms and conduct nomenclature audits to define the narrative that will support a clear description of the disease state and the value a product will offer different clinical stakeholders.  This often also extends to understanding the needs of payers.
  • Part of this plan is to understand how different clinicians seek information and interact with content. There are many channels available to clinicians, and as communications professionals we can place content within these channels. Our mission is to ensure we know enough about our stakeholders to place the right content in the right place.
  • Measurement is critically important across everything we do. We cannot deliver on a strategy, or improve an existing strategy, without measurement and refinement. We work with our specialist measurement team to create frameworks to support all tactical programs  


2. Publication Planning
Effective, complete medical communications are rooted in an ability to extract the most value from datasets and ensure gaps in data are identified and filled where possible. To this end, we work with customers to build and execute publication plans, supporting brands from prelaunch through to maturation and LoE.


3. Content Development
We have a large team of medical communications writers, editors and creatives who collaborate to build compelling content for different uses. This can be for materials such as technical documents and dossiers, slides, animations, websites and apps; anything that needs a specialist to create accessible, coherent copy for any channel that an HCP can access.


4. Peer-to-Peer Education
Education is necessarily a multi-channel endeavor. We create and execute live and virtual meetings in which participants learn new approaches to managing their patients. Our success in this realm centers on our ability to form productive relationships with opinion leaders and faculty who work with us to help create valuable and compelling programs.