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Portfolio Strategy and Transactions

Our Deep Expertise Offers Creative Solutions For Your Portfolio Strategy

Every year, an estimated 60-70 million people are affected by gastrointestinal diseases in the U.S. alone.1 Across the world, novel therapies are desperately needed in both gastroenterology and hepatology. We have a dedicated 800-strong gastroenterology/hepatology team who understand the broad spectrum of digestive disorders.

Biopharmaceutical companies face an increasingly challenging commercial environment within an already complicated, risky R and D landscape that requires deep expertise in creative solutions to portfolio strategy and decision-making. 

  • 250+ portfolio strategy projects in the past 3 years
  • 82% of novel drugs approved by the FDA were contributed, developed or helped commercialize
  • 1,800+ consulting engagements in the past 5 years with leading and emerging biopharmaceutical/med-device customers
  • 750+ MDs/PhDs with real-world and TA-specific experience
  • 70 countries where our employees have local and regional expertise

Driving Actionable Strategies and Real Growth Opportunities for Our Customers

Our Portfolio Strategy consulting helps customers set direction and make informed decisions around disease areas, innovation and growth based on scientific understanding and business insights that are informed by tactical experience leveraged from our broader network of companies, including CRO, CSO and Communications. 

By combining the capabilities of a consulting firm with our network of tactical experience, we drive actionable strategies for customers and develop real growth opportunities.

Helping You Navigate Decisions to Support Your Growth

Our Portfolio Strategy Solutions Center supports customers as they navigate decisions to support their growth, business model options and investment decisions through three key focus areas:

1. Setting Corporate Direction: we help customers create value by defining areas for growth through our scientific expertise and business acumen. Sample service components include:

  • Industry evolution
  • Business model/portfolio vision
  • Therapeutic area/disease area strategy
  • Geographic expansion and access
  • Virtual organization, outsourcing and business development strategies

The tools and frameworks we frequently use to set direction include capability assessment and competitive positioning, analog and benchmark analysis, disease and market assessment, adjacent market evaluation and opportunity prioritization.

2. Evaluating Options: we navigate critical decisions with customers on key investment points. Sample service components include:

  • R and D prioritization
  • M and A/licensing strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy (build vs. partner decisions)

Tools and frameworks commonly leveraged to evaluate options include target screening and identification (companies, products, partners, life sciences sector diversification), forecast and valuation models, accretion and dilution analysis, and commercialization options.

3. Pursuing a Strategic Path: we enable implementation of strategies and investment decisions through a data-driven approach, grounded in deep industry experience. Sample service components include:

  • Commercial due diligence
  • Product and portfolio forecasting
  • Investor support

Examples of tools and frameworks we use to pursue a path include forecast and valuation models, synergy analysis, term sheet analysis and development, investor pitch presentation and Syneos Health's experience and relationships.

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