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Product and Franchise Strategy

When It Comes to Launch and Commercialization, Preparation Is Everything

Biopharmaceutical companies face new challenges at every stage of the product lifecycle. And as competition increases and payers apply greater pressures to control costs, the stakes for a successful launch have never been higher. Companies that fail to prepare well for launch and commercialization can be faced with delays and suboptimal results.

Our Proven Track Record in Launch and Commercialization Success

We have proven global and local launch and commercialization success, utilizing broad thought leadership in launch and commercial strategy and planning, backed by investments in technology and methodologies and frameworks.

We leverage our deep understanding and broad experience to partner with each of our customers to help develop, commercialize and optimize their products through more than 675 projects in the past five years.

New Product Planning

We help you develop deep customer and therapeutic area insights to inform product development and brand planning efforts. We take an analytical approach to market research, patient journey and segmentation work to strategically position brands. Our evidence-based approach helps inform all non-promotional and promotional activities that enable successful commercialization.

Our Winning Label framework provides an economic lens into how to design their registration trials for commercialization success.

Marketing and Launch Excellence

We can provide benchmarking, processes and frameworks, and training development and facilitation. We leverage the execution experience and strength of our broader Syneos Health network to help our customers think about their systems, processes and capabilities.

Launch and Commercialization Services

We can provide everything from a go-to-market strategy, including brand planning, launch planning, launch readiness, launch management, competitive simulation and performance tracking. Our Launch Playbook®, and P3 framework based on our experience with over 500 launch engagements, for both established and emerging biopharma companies, enables us to bring a disciplined approach to helping our customers commercialize their brands.

Lifecycle Management

For lifecycle management, we can provide both growth planning and LOE planning. We view lifecycle management beyond the clinical space. For example, how do we leverage regulatory guidelines for dual-branding to maximize share of molecule? Our philosophy includes a global mindset to maximize the potential of any brand.

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