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SynopsisTM Clinical Trial Oversight & Data Visualization

Putting control of the data in the hands of our customers

SynopsisTM is a suite of detailed, centralized dashboards which provide comprehensive and centralized data visualizations that align with study level progress, making it easier for you to have appropriate oversight of outsourced projects and enabling insights-based decision-making.

Data is viewable at the portfolio or individual project level, simplifying and consolidating data from multiple source systems into a single automated view with near-real-time portfolio visibility. Comprehensive data quality review ensures the data shown for your study is not only accurate but complete.

For Existing Customers

Customers who already have an account with us, please click the link below to login to your dashboard.

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Enhancing reporting capabilities for better decision-making and performance

Agile Insights Platform

Certified Quality

Harmonized Dashboards

Around-the-clock support

Enhancing reporting capabilities for better decision-making and performance

With Synopsis, we strive to make every interaction with our sponsors smooth, timely and effective. Our engagement center provides sponsors up-to-date access to data and performance metrics, allowing them to easily comply with GCP obligations and maintain appropriate oversight of outsourced projects.

Our dashboards are designed to make access quick and easy, with single sign-on capability and data delivered in ten seconds or less. We also have a perpetual data quality initiative in place, and robust identity and access management utilizing best-in-industry data security standards.

Investing in the latest technologies, we are committed to limiting unnecessary data access and providing our sponsors with the best possible experience. We enhance reporting capabilities to enable customer access to data in the same fashion as internal project teams.

See what Synopsis can do for you, including a look at detailed dashboards.

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