Our Clinical Surveillance Monitoring Keeps Your Trial on Track

The mission of our CNS Clinical Surveillance Team (CST) is to ensure that extraordinary diligence is applied to subject eligibility and data quality. We understand that complex patients and efficacy scale data can only be fully understood by experienced clinicians and psychometric experts. That’s why our Clinical Scientists and Medical Directors carefully oversee important safety and efficacy assessments, in near-real time, to prevent issues from negatively impacting your trial.


  • 30+ CNS Indications
  • 50 Dedicated Clinical Scientists and Project Management Personnel
  • 30 Medical Directors Globally
  • 1900+ Unique Sites
  • 47 Countries


Quality patient selection is one of the most critical elements of your clinical trial. We conduct an Eligibility Review during the screening period so that no ineligible patient is randomized inappropriately. If, however, the screening window is too short to do this before randomization, we can deploy the same thorough review afterward and provide continuous feedback to sites on protocol adherence and sponsor expectations.


Our CST collaborates closely with all rater training vendors to carry forward training instructions through the life of the trial. We deploy multiple services designed to address unique data reliability risks, depending on the measure, including Therapeutic Logic Checks, Neuropsychiatric Scale Reviews, Site Subject Review Calls and other customized solutions. In fact, we’ve developed fit-for-purpose surveillance solutions to address trial risks in more than 30 CNS indications.


With 50 dedicated Clinical Scientists and Project Management personnel, and 30 Medical Directors globally (and growing), we have provided services at more than 1900 unique sites in 47 countries. Our patient and data reviews occur in near-real time so we can deliver rapid feedback to sites. And our dedicated Project Management Team ensures we adapt quickly to any emerging operational challenges, site needs, protocol amendments and sponsor requests.