Our Therapeutically Aligned Team is Here to Help Your Neurology Clinical Trials Succeed


We have innovative recruitment strategies, deep site knowledge across an array of neurological studies and dedicated CNS project managers. Our strategic and operational excellence can help move your neurology medications along the development pathway.



We understand what’s involved in conducting successful neurology studies. From recruiting the right patients, to making sure their assessments are properly completed by trained experts, to ensuring all stakeholders involved (sponsor, CRO and vendors) are aligned, we’ve managed these issues across a range of challenging neurological study designs and difficult to recruit indications in neurology. 

Importantly, we have developed our own strategies and tools to solve problems and keep your neurology study on track. From our senior executives through to our CRAs, we specialize in neurology clinical research. 

We’re proud to be pioneers in recruiting patients for neurology studies, particularly those that are rare, with hard to find patients. We have the experience to find the right patients in key neurological areas of focus, such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, whether they are from an institutional setting, such as a nursing home, living in their own home, or with a family member.

Care settings for patients vary significantly in different parts of the world. For example, in the U.S. it is common for families to provide care for a family member with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease, in a nursing home. However, while nursing homes do exist in western and eastern Europe, they are less common, and these patients often receive most of their care at home with periods of hospitalization as needed.

For studies in Alzheimer’s disease, where there is intense competition for patients, it is important to work with a CRO who understands the differences in treatment settings and is prepared to help you operationalize a protocol in different regions and still attain a homogenous patient population. We have worked in these exact settings and can help you solve these issues.

Even in rare patient populations, our neurology experts will create innovative strategies to help identify suitable patients, using proven, tailored techniques specifically developed for the unique eligibility of the patients needed for the study. 

By incorporating our dedicated Rare Disease unit into our Neurology team, we can work with you to build the best strategic approach, as well as tactical implementation, to meet your project goals of high integrity data and timely completion.

Neurology clinical trials generally require patients to attend assessments such as MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, or EEG. We develop a careful plan with our selected sites to make sure patients get to each of those appointments throughout your trial.

A prime example of logistical management is our handling of stroke studies. Some stroke treatments must be given within minutes or hours of the event, creating some very challenging logistics for consent, drug supply and administration.

While acute stroke throws up these complexities, the logistics are also challenging for post-stroke recovery studies. Patients with stroke are often seen at a minimum of three different care settings over the course of several weeks after the event.

From the hospital to the rehab clinic to a long-term care facility, it is important that the logistics to manage the study procedures in each of these settings are arranged in advance, and a specific plan for each patient is created.

You need a CRO that understands that complex studies like stroke require more than just a standard study plan. We have the expertise and experience in stroke to help you see these logistical hurdles and overcome them.

We believe that the foundation for study success is strong project management. To us, this means two key things:

  1. That all our project managers reside completely within the CNS business unit and are dedicated to only being assigned to CNS studies
  2. That your study is carefully planned and managed

Trials in today’s clinical environment are increasingly complex, with more third party vendors to manage than ever before. We ensure effective management by assigning therapeutically focused project managers who also have the expertise to manage the logistics tied to multiple vendors.