Passionate About Collaborating for a Cure

We are living in a “golden age” for cancer research and discovery. Our knowledge and ability to have direct impact on tumor cells is increasing at a rapid pace, and patients are living longer thanks to advances in genetics, immunotherapy and precision medicine.

This only fuels our sense of urgency for the many patients who are still losing their battles with cancer.

Our experts dedicated to oncology and hematology are collaborating to change the history of cancer treatment by embracing our customers’ boldest visions and bringing experience, scientific innovation and our passion to every oncology program we run.


100% Oncology-focused, from Clinical Development to Commercialization

More than a network or center of excellence, we are a therapeutically-aligned global organization. Each and every one of us is devoted exclusively to the work of accelerating innovative oncology treatments that may one day help patients in their fight against cancer.

True therapeutic alignment enables us to leverage experience, insights and capabilities across our global team and offer thoughtful, integrated solutions to the challenges inherent to oncology drug development and commercialization.


We have diverse and measurable experience across the full range of cancer therapies, including Targeted Therapies, Novel and Emerging Therapies and Immuno-Oncology. With teams focused in each of these areas, as well as dedicated experts for Early Phase Oncology and the Asia-Pacific Region, we are structured to support oncology drug development for both large biopharmaceutical organizations and smaller and emerging biotechnology companies.

FDA and EMA statistics for oncology products receiving marketing authorization in a recent five year period


Our therapeutic expertise in oncology and hematology runs deep and wide.

Our unique lab-to-life service offering extends from Preclinical and Translational Science to Clinical Development, Regulatory and Commercialization capabilities. 


We listen to and learn from patients every day.

We collect and analyze insights from patients, their families and advocacy communities to inform everything from protocol design, study endpoint identification, and patient recruitment to market access and commercialization strategies.

We have diverse and measurable experience across the full range of cancer therapies.

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Targeted Therapies

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Managed more than 250 complex global Early Phase Oncology studies in the last 5 years





At Syneos Health, we believe that every clinical trial is an opportunity to shorten the distance from lab to life.

When everyone involved in getting new cancer therapies to patients work together as one, toward the same goal, the likelihood of success increases exponentially.