Keeping Pace With Developments in Oncology Clinical Trials and Research

With emerging science constantly shifting the research paradigm, what is known about oncology advances every day. As your oncology CRO partner, we make it our business to be well informed about novel study designs and the next generation of oncology treatments.

The Resources, Site Relationships and Experience You Need for Your Oncology and Hematology Clinical Trials

Our Experience Over the Past Five Years

  • >325 Solid tumor studies
  • >125 Liquid tumor studies
  • >50 Non-malignant hematology studies
  • >225 Different sponsors
  • >40 Registration studies for 16 therapies


Investigators, sites and sponsors all look to a CRO partner who is knowledgeable about the specific recruitment needs of oncology clinical trials and who knows how to ensure the right patients are enrolled, in the right place and at the right time. We have more than 1,100 physicians, CRAs and Project Managers with a wealth of experience in cancer clinical trials and strong site and investigator relationships to ensure the successful delivery of your clinical development plans.


Our Oncology Clinical Trials Experience

Our expert, therapeutically-dedicated teams work exclusively in oncology and hematology:

Our level of focus, passion and expertise resonates scientifically, clinically and personally with our customers, the study sites and patients. We maintain an in-depth knowledge of developments in oncology clinical research and we know how to run cancer clinical trials efficiently and effectively.

We understand how to accurately capture the endpoints you need for approval and exactly what is involved when a patient takes a new drug for the first time. Our therapeutic expertise allows us to engage customers and sites at a deep level and positively contribute to assessing the safety and efficacy of each new drug, right from the start. How do we accomplish this? By focusing exclusively on hematology and oncology studies. We are a dedicated oncology CRO within a larger global CRO. Our focus and commitment to oncology patients, sites and investigators is second to none.


Embracing Change and Leading With Innovation

Our teams have extensive experience with novel oncology drugs, first-in-patient studies, complex protocols and cutting edge science. We are currently conducting cancer clinical trials at the forefront of clinical innovation and leading the way to better outcomes for patients:

  • Diverse and measurable experience with immuno-oncology agents

- Monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, vaccines, targeted therapies, gene therapies and adoptive cell transfer technologies

  • Novel approaches to drug development and patient treatment

- Precision medicine, investigator-led and cooperative group trials, basket
  studies and umbrella trials, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's  "Beat AML" Master Trial

  • Our knowledge and specificity addresses important issues that can otherwise be overlooked during protocol design and study execution, including access to patients for rare disease studies, the challenges of biologic and targeted therapy development, competing studies, trial design complexity/technicality and novel mechanisms of action
  • Early Phase
  • Oncology