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Customer Colleagues,

Syneos Health continues to monitor the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, with the wellbeing of our employees, customers and clinical trial participants our highest priority.

As shared previously, Syneos Health has activated a cross functional Business Continuity Response Team to coordinate the Company’s response, allowing for significant decisions to be made quickly and in the best interest of our employees, customers and clinical trial participants. We maintain an unwavering vigilance surrounding these events.


Syneos Health is making every effort to manage the impact of the crisis in Ukraine on customers, patients, clinical trial investigators and healthcare practitioners. With most of our global employee base already working in a remote format, we’ve put in place additional processes and robust technologies to efficiently and effectively provide virtual service.

Syneos Health has developed remote business-specific guidelines and tools to work in a fully adaptive style and is intensely focused on ensuring clinical trials proceed wherever safe and possible, and that site staff and patients remain safe and in compliance with governmental policies.

We have also provided guidance for risk-based and remote/central monitoring in high-impact/restricted regions, and we have the ability to implement our remote monitoring strategy on a global scale as needed.

At a tactical patient, site and protocol level, we are continuing to conduct project/portfolio risk assessments that look at the impact and risk on every facet of active sites in both Ukraine and Russia, including IP and clinical supplies distribution, vendor management, country level and regional logistics, and recruitment strategies.

In addition to day-to-day risk assessments focused on the short-term impact, we are also planning for more matters that may be long-term, including uncertainty related to conducting clinical trials in the region, as well as continuity/safety concerns for employees and clinical trial participants.


Our Business Continuity Response Team, working in conjunction with our Transition Management Office (TMO), is tasked with aligning regional and local stakeholders and developing robust response plans. These workstreams continue to focus on the above while prioritizing employee safety.

We’re regularly updating our teams to navigate, deliver and learn together.

Thank you for your partnership.

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