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Baba Shetty

President, Technology & Data Solutions

Baba Shetty is President, Technology & Data Solutions at Syneos Health where he leads the development of enterprise capabilities improving customer outcomes in clinical development, commercialization and medical affairs. Baba and his team lead the development of AI solutions for Syneos Health, including AI strategy, intelligent applications, GenAI solutions, predictive models and advanced simulations. Teams within his group focus on advanced solutions for patient identification, enrollment, retention for clinical trials, HCP identification and engagement.

Prior to joining Syneos Health in 2017, Baba led digital teams at IPG and Publicis, and served as Technology Analyst and Research Director at Forrester Research where he advised Fortune 500 clients on digital strategy, CRM, user experience and enterprise transformation. 

Baba holds an MBA in corporate finance from the University of Rochester and a B.S. in biology from the University of Iowa.  

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