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Early Adoption of Metaverse Technology in Medical Affairs

Syneos Health experts examine the possibilities that technological innovations of the metaverse hold for the future of Medical Affairs.

At its very core, Medical Affairs focuses on educating internal and external stakeholders on complex scientific and medical topics. Over the past 50 years, Medical Affairs leaders have consistently explored and invested in technological innovations to engage healthcare providers (HCP) more effectively and efficiently. One of the most intriguing technological innovations in recent years has been metaverse technology.

Although the integration of this product is not quite ready for external engagement, Syneos Health experts examine how it could be utilized in internal Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training initiatives. This article, originally published in the Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society, discusses how metaverse technology could dramatically change the way MSL teams are prepared in the short term, while also potentially preparing them for using these products for external engagement in the future. Download this report on a metaverse-focused pilot in the Medical Affairs field.

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