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Extending Your Established Brand’s Value in a Challenging Macroeconomic Environment

The third installment in a series on commercial resource optimization. Read part one on Mastering New Commercialization Dynamics with an Adaptive Playbook here. Read part two on Allocating Commercial Resources to Elevate Omnichannel Marketing here.

Nine out of ten biopharma executives are worried about the economic environment, citing inflation, drug pricing and reimbursement constraints in the years ahead. Overlooking an opportunity to optimize a mature brand is a common misstep for companies in a market where the current economic challenges are vast. But, in daunting conditions, focusing on delivering value is more critical than ever. Cost-cutting is judicious but only achieves so much.

Download the white paper below to learn how allowing an established brand to ‘run its course’ by leaving untapped value on the table is counterproductive and how to instead evaluate, resource and scale to access the full revenue potential of a mature brand.

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