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How to Make the Most of Your Non-Core Asset: Partner to Retain Control and Keep Your Options Open

Examining how life science companies can work with partners to ensure that they get the best value out of often neglected non-core assets.

Biopharma product portfolios are often divided into core assets, which are backed by significant resources, and non-core assets, which often suffer from a lack of support.

In addressing the dilemma of their non-core assets, companies often assume that they have a binary choice: license/sell the asset or discontinue it entirely. Fortunately, there is a third choice that allows companies to retain control of their asset and keep their future options open: partnering with a provider who can focus on a neglected asset throughout its lifecycle.

In this article, Syneos Health experts examine how companies can work together with partners to ensure that they don’t squander the value of their non-core assets. Download the article.

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