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Speeding Acquisition Integration with a Pathfinder

When large pharma acquires an asset, they are a bit like a combat unit readying for deployment—in this case, launch. But integrating the asset to launch with maximum impact can sometimes take 12–18 months—an opportunity cost when every day is critical to successful commercialization. In that timeframe, the competitive landscape can change, and any lag during the time from acquisition to launch risks decimating the value and advantages of the transaction.

If ready for launch, accelerating asset integration is a necessity—especially considering the high number of launches that underperform. Taking a non-traditional approach to smoothing the path—i.e., working with an outsourcing partner, or “pathfinder,” that can quickly and efficiently deploy the right resources needed to prepare for launch in a timely manner—can be a smart alternative.

This article explores how to utilize a pathfinder to ensure launch success.

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