Syneos Health Communications: at the Heart of Health


Syneos Health Communications is a purpose-built portfolio of innovative health-first, health-only advertising, branding, medical communications, market access and public relations agencies. We are fiercely focused on creating platforms that allow our customers to bring life-changing healthcare solutions to the world. We are an unrivaled community—powered by approximately 29,000 clinical and commercial minds across Syneos Health—that operates at the intersection of health, technology, and creativity. By harnessing data and behavioral sciences, we get to deeper, more actionable insights that drive behavior change. 




Our agencies include Addison Whitney, Biosector 2, Cadent Medical Communications, Chamberlain Healthcare Public Relations, Chandler Chicco Agency, GSW, Litmus, Navicor and Spherico. We work as scalable, collaborative teams that partner across disciplines and geographies to deliver integrated communications strategies that accelerate brand performance.


Our frontline view offers the fresh, dynamic perspectives that all leaders need.


With thought leadership from the heart of health, we not only see our clients’ challenges and opportunities but also realize the future we imagine together.

As part of Syneos Health, we are engaged in every point of influence in health. That lets us know your market and your patient in ways that no other partner could.


Brands that have a Motivational Edge are able to resonate emotionally and nurture motivation. The result is improved customer journeys that you can count on to deliver business impact—over and over. We wrote the book on healthcare behavior change:  Why We Resist

At its core, we see every brand challenge as a behavior-change challenge. It comes down to finding and unlocking a tension, then activating the levers that will motivate sustained change.

Our AnswerSuite platform drives actionable insights, and our proprietary behavioral science lens illuminates the path to behavior change. Finally, our modern customer engagement capability, Kinetic, deploys innovative tech to make omnichannel solutions a reality.



Scientific, so we understand the complexity.
Creative, so we make it simple.

Our agency teams have received more than 1,000 awards for work that disrupts markets, but our real reward is knowing how that work has changed lives.





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