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Kinetic from Syneos HealthTM

HCP Omnichannel Marketing Solutions for Use Across the Asset Lifecycle

Kinetic is a boldly recruited team of industry-savvy tech and data science experts
developing HCP engagement and omnichannel point solutions for life science companies to use across the asset lifecycle.
Our customers are increasing their number of HCP allies and lifting business outcomes with each HCP engagement campaign.

Let Kinetic from Syneos HealthTM support your immediate and long-term HCP omnichannel marketing goals

Reach the right HCPs

Precision HCP targeting and segmentation based on
NPI data and 60+ segmentation markers

Amplify the voices of field teams

Intuitive, automated CRM delivery
and next best action

Deploy media and refine strategies across channels

Robust programmatic trade desk and
data management platforms (DMPs)

Run complex HCP omnichannel engagement campaigns with ease

HCP omnichannel orchestration engine

Account Based Marketing (ABM) for Healthcare System Accounts

We’re helping our customers effectively reach
all stakeholders across healthcare systems.
Are you ready?

Show Lift Across Healthcare Marketing Objectives and Impact HCP Engagement KPIs


more randomizations for a
women’s health trial
versus without Digital Amplifier


more MSL meetings
with HCPs
versus without Digital Amplifier


more average Rx for
a launch brand
versus without Digital Amplifier


more average Rx for an
established/mature brand
versus without Digital Amplifier

What is Kinetic from Syneos HealthTM ?

Kinetic is a team of data scientists, channel strategists, technologists and industry experts working together to deepen insights into audience behavior and connect real world data intelligence across channels, platforms and content.

We create integration-ready, custom-designed omnichannel relationship solutions for connecting healthcare providers with life science companies at critical moments along the asset lifecycle.

We believe through innovative tech and advanced data analysis,
we can create meaningful, personalized and long-lasting relationships with healthcare audiences for our customers.

The Kinetic Advantage is Syneos Health

Work with our nimble team within a leading biopharmaceutical solutions organization built to accelerate customer success. Through Syneos Health, we have access to:

  • Integrated clinical-to-commercial modeling
  • Deep domain and therapeutic knowledge
  • Sophisticated technology stacking
  • Human behavior expertise

There is so much more we can do to create meaningful
healthcare interactions.

Take Your Healthcare Relationships to the Next Level

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