Transforming Medical Affairs as the Practice of Medicine Evolves

Value-based care isn’t just on the way. It’s already here. Today's conversation surrounds "value-based care and outcomes." "Real World Evidence" and "reimbursement." There’s a lot to contend with: increasing numbers of stakeholders, changing regulatory guidance (with all its regional variations), the influence of social media, and the movement toward highly complex and specialized therapies. All these factors are reshaping how medicine is practiced.

As Medical Affairs builds its new position in biopharma, our strong Medical Affairs expertise and more than 20 years of practical experience is helping our customers realize Medical Transformation. It is one thing to build a strategy but implementation requires a clear understanding of where you have been and where you can go.
- Keith Morris, Practice Area Lead, Medical Affairs
Integrating Medical Affairs at All Stages

To succeed in this environment, many biopharmaceutical companies are undertaking transformational initiatives to better engage a breadth of stakeholders with timely and relevant value-added products and services. While transformational initiatives may be required, there are places to start that build on resources, capabilities and competencies currently existing within Medical Affairs.

One key element is to optimize the timeliness of input and the impact of existing customer-facing roles. The biopharmaceutical industry has an opportunity to improve all of these by elevating and strategically integrating Medical Affairs within product and value proposition development and as a critical launch.



Our Modular Medical Transformation Solution Puts Strategy into Action


Many of the organizations that have begun to define, or are in the implementation of, their Medical Transformation journeys, are appreciating the complexity of reaching their goals, given the cross-functional focus, complex implementation, and lack of new capabilities, competencies and dedicated resources need to execute them.

We have developed a modular Medical Transformation Solution that accelerates strategy into action. Our modular solution allows customers to see what “good” looks like, assess where they are in their own journey, and how, through partnership, we can accelerate their path to success, leading to a true competitive advantage.


Medical Narrative

  • This positions the science within the landscape, defines each external stakeholder and their respective needs, and identifies the differentiators within the competitive landscape.


Evidence Matrix

  • This defines evidence needs identifies evidentiary gaps, and contextualizes timing of evidence availability and priority.



  • These create a system and processes to ensure both a push and pull on value-driven, actionable insights for all internal and external stakeholders. Insights also set an external stakeholder perception baseline.


Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

  • This ensures the medical narrative informs the strategy across all Medical Affairs functions. This includes strategies to engage stakeholders through excellence in publication planning, field medical teams, global medical information, congress planning and evidence generation.


Medical Operational Excellence

  • This includes medical strategic and launch plans, and medical organizational excellence, incorporating global MI, field medical teams, talent management/professional development, training, and metrics.



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