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Customer and Digital Engagement

Our Industry is Moving From Volume to Value

As our industry changes, biopharmaceutical manufacturers recognize the need to build or transform their commercial models. Our customers must continue to deliver impact in the face of increasingly complex requirements, shifting portfolios and lower resources. We deliver innovative and actionable recommendations using a combination of proven analysis methodologies, commercial models and therapeutic expertise, combined with the power of our broad set of commercial and clinical capabilities.

We integrate a combination of expertise, proven methodologies, customer research and perspectives into actionable commercial model capability, solution and process recommendations. Our teams comprise a combination of consulting experts and subject matter experts with deep implementation expertise and tools, including experienced commercial and therapeutic area consulting teams, an industry-leading sales organization, a broad range of communications agencies and capabilities, and a medication adherence group with proprietary data sources and growing clinical expertise.

Our services include precision targeting, customer journeys, advanced content, integrated delivery and embedded analytics.

Customer-Facing Teams and Solutions: Roles are need-driven and we use flexible differential resourcing. We provide automated channel, messaging and content guidance, and our customer- and patient-focused solutions align with customer objectives. We use real-time customer profiles and provide personalized training.

Business Impact: The impact on business is increased results, customer need-driven engagement and interactions, increased customer centricity, and access and insights that transcend products.

Communications: Types of communications range from non-personal to direct-to-consumer, digital public relations and public policy.

Patient Solutions: Our patient solutions include adherence, co-pay assistance and patient education programs.

Sales Strategy: This includes office promotion, key account management, e-detailing and more.

Medical Affairs: Medical Affairs strategy includes diversified and unique MSL roles, evidence generation, medical communications and medical insights.

Priority Account Strategic Segmentation (PASS): This methodology enables customers to develop multi-factor and actionable segmentations and customer profiles, including integration of volume, affiliation, segmentation, product access, patient rejection and reversal, and patient demographic data; inclusion of customer and team member input that provides “art to the science”; development of local market and customer archetypes that serve as a foundation for customer-centric engagement and differential resourcing; and customization of leading and lagging metrics that provide actionable profiles for customer-facing, marketing and operations teams.

Digital and Multi-Channel Transformation Methodology: We integrate our unique capabilities to increase customer intimacy, flexibility and efficiency with an integrated process, including precision targeting, customer journeys, advanced content, integrated delivery and “always on” analytics.

Customer Research: This is targeted to focus on understanding customer needs, identifying best-in-class engagement and measuring the importance of emerging trends across provider, patient, payer and other stakeholders.

Our customer base includes companies launching their first asset, those expanding into new therapeutic areas and geographies, and companies looking to transform. Our customers frequently share case studies, indicating that they value our diverse project teams, our proven and transparent methodologies and our actionable recommendations.

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