Leading the Way with Scientific Innovation

Our Immuno-Oncology Project Team focuses exclusively on studies of therapies that incite the immune system to combat cancer. Our clinical professionals are currently supporting new approaches to precision medicine in solid tumors, working with cutting-edge therapies including combination immunotherapies and complex study designs across all phases.


In fact, we were early pioneers in immunotherapy clinical trials.

We conducted the studies that led to the approval of the very first checkpoint inhibitor, seeing it all the way through from Phase 1 through to marketing authorization and commercialization.


Now we are conducting trials at the forefront of newer immunotherapy discoveries


  • 202 Immuno-Oncology studies involving more than
  • 23,000 Patients worldwide in the last 5 years


…including studies of novel immunomodulators and combination treatments.

immunomodulators and combination treatments bubble chart




Optimizing Approaches to Immunotherapy

Immuno-oncology treatment paradigms coupled with other targeted therapies and niche patient populations all require strong oversight to ensure appropriate safety management techniques and delivery of robust efficacy data.

Whether motivated by the personal journey of a cancer patient or the challenge and rigor of cancer clinical research, at Syneos Health we are passionate about collaborating for a cure. 

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We deliver because each and every one of us is devoted exclusively to the work of accelerating scientifically innovative oncology treatments that may one day help patients in their
fight against cancer.