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Syneos Health Podcast | Biotech Value Creation

The game continues to change in biotech as continued macroeconomic uncertainty has far reaching implications for the future of the biopharma ecosystem. Biotechs can no longer operate toward the single goal of being acquired by, or of licensing their assets to, large pharma—and players may need to develop products further than in the past, and therefore strategic pathway optionality needs to be weaved into and maintained throughout product and corporate development.

But with a multitude of new challenges facing this industry come multifold new opportunities for value creation and chances to reach new heights.

Listen to this podcast to learn strategic and operational implications for the biotech C-suite and share perspectives on how companies can succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

The views expressed in this podcast belong solely to the speakers and do not represent those of their organization.

Lee Taurman
Keith Ruark

Ali Pashazadeh
Max Baumann
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