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Webinar | Driving Patient-Powered Medicine: Scientific Communication with Patient Communities

The movement to incorporate the patient voice into drug development – from early clinical stages through commercialization – is maturing, having begun several decades ago with the AIDS movement, with regulators encouraging sponsors to make development decisions with the benefit of feedback and experience data from patients.

Today, patients are no longer seen as research subjects, but as subject matter experts who have much to say about their health-related needs, fears, and preferences. And listening to them strengthens a company’s ability to meet its business objectives, ultimately benefiting internal and external stakeholders.

Watch the webinar below to explore how medical affairs teams are uniquely positioned to infuse the voice of the patient into drug development and share scientific information with patient communities in a way that resonates.  


Meredith Wilson, SVP, Advocacy, InCommon, a division of Cadent, Syneos Health

Fernanda Copeland, MS, Medical Science Liaison, Syneos Health

Reem Berro, PhD, SVP, Medical Director, InCight, a division of Cadent, Syneos Health

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