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WEBINAR | Rare Disease Day 2024: The Heart of Caregiving

On-demand webinar hosted by Syneos Health in celebration of Rare Disease Day 2024, exploring insights and honoring caregivers and patients who navigate rare disease.

Rare diseases affect millions around the globe, often presenting unique challenges that demand extraordinary care, understanding and resilience. It is in the face of these challenges that caregivers emerge as beacons of hope, demonstrating unparalleled compassion and commitment to the well-being of their loved ones. 

On Rare Disease Day 2024, Syneos Health honored rare disease caregivers by hosting this special webinar, The Heart of Caregiving, featuring caregivers, patients and advocates sharing compelling stories, and highlighting the immense strength and dedication required to support individuals with rare diseases. 

Watch the webinar recording below.


Raymond A. Huml, VP, Medical & Scientific Strategy & Head of the Rare Disease Consortium, Syneos Health

Keri McDonough , VP, Head of the Patient Voice Consortium, Syneos Health

Tiffany Cook , Director, InCommon, Syneos Health

Meredith L. Huml, Chapter Director, FSHD North Carolina Chapter

Cristol Barrett O'Loughlin, CEO, Angel Aid Cares

Monica Sommers, Sickle Cell Caregiver

With a special message from John F. Crowley, Executive Chairman, Amicus Therapeutics

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