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Commercial Advisory Group

Success in today’s commercial market environment demands that biopharmaceutical firms build profitable portfolios while establishing and demonstrating asset value earlier in the development lifecycle.

The Commercial Advisory Group is the commercialization strategy consulting arm of Syneos Health®, built to develop customized, high-quality and efficient commercial solutions. 

We focus on the key components of portfolio, asset and organizational strategy through our diverse group of global subject-matter and functional experts with deep expertise across the entire commercial spectrum. Not only do we create solutions grounded in decades of strategic experience, we also offer the knowledge and capabilities to execute on those solutions. 

No other organization can deliver the full range of commercial consulting capabilities that we can, working across the following areas of commercialization strategy:
  • Portfolio Strategy & Transactions
  • Value & Access
  • Health Economic & Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Product & Franchise Strategy
  • Customer & Digital Engagement

Most importantly, we act as an independent partner to our customers, developing solutions that fit their unique needs. As part of Syneos Health, a leading fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization built to accelerate customer success, the Commercial Advisory Group is uniquely positioned to leverage knowledge and insights from the entire clinical and commercial spectrum to accelerate customer innovation investment and develop strategies at any point in the commercialization process — for the right patient, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right value.

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