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WEBINAR | Thinking Differently About Indication Prioritization

The direction of an asset coming out of discovery is the first key business decision organizations make toward ensuring that the asset will be differentiated and value-creating at launch. Oncology drugmakers today can expect to mount a sequence of indication launches over the lifecycle of their asset. As they do so, patients benefit from additional treatment options, and the research involved advances the understanding of these diseases. Yet, having multiple opportunities also tasks executives and researchers to set priorities and craft a well-defined approach to launch sequencing that is — at once —farsighted and sufficiently practical to leverage current marketplace opportunities.

But markets are changing at warp speed. There is a need to be more asset-focused and forward-looking when evaluating indication opportunities. More traditional methods of assessing indication opportunities are not forward-looking — nor are they asset-focused — and thus risk missing the mark.

With all that said, strategic decision-making can be improved by modest investments in developing prioritization criteria that are more specific to the asset and forward-looking.

Watch this webinar for a new and robust framework for indication prioritization that has resulted in more balanced and actionable assessments of individual indications by focusing not only on feasibility, but also on post-launch differentiation and value creation.

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