Within biopharmaceutical development, creating a strong value story is the key to market success. Real World Evidence (RWE) lays the foundation of that story with payers, physicians, patients and, increasingly, regulators, as they recognize the value of the data available through RWE.

RWE generation acts as the critical bridge from clinical effectiveness to a commercially viable brand. At Syneos Health, clinical and commercial disciplines work together, sharing insights and knowledge. It is never too early to consider commercialization in the drug development process. That’s why we are committed to working with you to design, develop and deliver fully integrated Real World Evidence ready for the peri-approval setting that collects the right data to ensure launch success.

Meeting the needs of the key stakeholders through Real World Evidence generation ensures you deliver:

  • The supportive data needed for regulators to approve and license
  • The evidence of value needed by payers to authorize and pay for drugs
  • The evidence physicians need to prescribe a drug with confidence
  • And, ultimately, the right information for patients to adhere to a drug and experience the outcomes they are hoping for

With your needs in mind, Syneos Health offers what no other company can: a comprehensive solution spanning from concept to commercialization, powered by the breadth and depth of Real World Evidence that Syneos Health brings to our industry.

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Syneos Health Medical Affairs delivers strategic insight, scientific expertise, organizational excellence and purposeful engagement via a full suite of offerings that support evidence-based strategies across the product lifecycle. Operating as a third strategic pillar alongside R&D and Commercial, we provide life sciences companies with the depth and breadth of medical affairs expertise needed to optimize product development.​



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